Tradtitional Bowhunters of Texas


Traditional Bowhunters of Texas

Constitution / Bylaws of the Traditional Bowhunters of Texas

The intent and purpose for the creation of this organization is to provide a means to unify and support those that have a keen interest in the historical and traditional forms of archery. 

Article I
This society shall be known as the Traditional Bowhunters of Texas and by its abbreviation: TBOT

Article II
Purpose Defined
The purpose of this organization shall be written explicitly within the organization’s Mission Statement, as shown in the Appendix, titled “TBOT Mission Statements”.

Article III
Traditional Archery Defined
“Traditional Archery”, as defined by this organization, incorporates forms, styles and preferences from the primitive archers use of natural materials to those utilizing the latest of man made products; however, the resulting accouterment must meet the following criteria:

1.  No moving parts.  When assembled, the working bow is to be one solid piece.
2.  No sights.  This includes marking on the bow or string.
3.  Arrows are to be no less than 6 inches shorter than the draw length of the archer using the
bow (e.g. to allow Turkish, siper-type overdraws but disallow vertical crossbows).
4.  Release shall be accomplished with the digits of the drawing hand.

In the event a participant is unable to meet the guidelines as specified but it is felt the style meets the intent and purpose of this organization, they can submit an official appeal for acceptance to the Executive Council (EC).  The EC shall then decide the issue.

Article IV

A.  Members of the EC will determine applicable membership dues/fees for the different classes of   members.  changes in dues/fees will be addressed as needed.

B.  Membership in TBOT shall be confirmed upon receipt of the prospective member’s application
form and dues payment.  Membership commences upon receipt of these items by the TBOT

C.  Membership shall be divided into four categories:  Business, Life, Family and Individual.

D.  Family membership is reserved for immediate family membership.  Children who fall under the      family membership shall need to seek another form of membership prior to their 19th birthday.

E.  Individual membership is reserved for individual participation.

F.  All members will receive a membership card verifying current standings.

G.  Upon request , a copy of the constitution/bylaws will be issued during initiation of new

H.  Membership will last for at least one year, except for 3 (three) year memberships or Life members. 
Membership shall be considered renewed upon receipt of established dues.

I.  With the approval of the EC, the membership roster can be made available to business members and
sponsors.  Under no circumstances will the membership roster be used for any other
purpose without EC approval.

Article V
Voting Rights

A.  The right to vote shall be rendered to all members in good standing.

B.  All members shall be entitled to one vote each on any issue brought before the membership as a

C.  The rights of a TBOT member to vote shall not be infringed upon by any other member, or by any
officer or group of officers save in the case of revocation of membership as a disciplinary

D.  Family membership shall have a total of two votes.

Article VI
Punitive Measures

A.  All members will be expected to conform to a Code of Ethical Sportsmanlike Conduct, whether
pursuing game animals in their native environment or competing at tournaments.

B.  Disciplinary actions shall only be taken by the Executive Council.  These disciplinary actions may
include written condemnation, suspension of membership benefits for a specific period of time
and expulsion.  Written condemnation and suspension require a majority vote from the EC. 
See Note E, Article VI for vote requirements of expulsion.

C.  Certain infractions may require expulsionary procedures.  Such  steps can only be initiated by a
member of the EC and requires a special session of the EC.

D.  Member (s) facing expulsionary  proceedings will not be denied the right to explain the
circumstances leading to the expulsionary charges.

E.  Expulsion requires a two-thirds majority vote from a quorum of two-thirds of the Board Members.

F.  Expulsion from TBOT renders null and void all past privileges, honors, awards, certifications as
well as membership with TBOT.  The expelled members shall be stricken from all TBOT

G.  Specific transgressions requiring immediate expulsionary proceedings-
    1.  Physical violence against others during official TBOT functions.
    2.  Gross display of unsportsman  like conduct.
    3.  Any conviction, for game law violations, by a recognized court of law.

Article VII
Leadership Structure

A.  An Executive Council comprising a total of eleven (11) officials shall govern the organization. 
Except for the President, each member of the EC shall have an equal vote on all issues of
interest to the organization.  The EC will consist of President, Vice President, Secretary,
Treasurer, Legislative Representative, Range Captain and Area Representatives, (one each)
for the North Texas, West Texas, South Texas, East Texas areas and one At Large position.              
The term for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be two (2) year terms,
September 1 to August 31 with elections to be held on even years .  The elections for the
position of Legislative Representative, North and West Area Representatives will be
conducted on odd years.  The elections for the positions of Representative at Large, South and
East Area Representatives will be conducted on even years.  Range Captain shall be a two (2)
year term with elections held on even years.  Past President shall remain on the Council in an
advisory position for one year (see Section I).

B.  The President will preside over the EC meetings and control all agendas of such meetings according
to parliamentary procedures.  The President is also charged with ensuring the successful
execution of all directives and programs approved by the EC.  The President shall not have the
power to vote on elective prerogatives unless the EC is split on a tie-vote.  In the event of a
“Tie-Vote”, the President shall be empowered to cast a tie-breaking vote.  The President will
be able to authorize expenditures of $500.00.  Amounts over that amount, with the exception
of the newsletter, must be approved by the EC, either in formal meeting  or by a an email or
telephone poll. 

C.  The Vice President performs all duties of the President when the President is absent or unable to
perform these responsibilities and assumes all privileges and powers granted to the President          
except the power to appoint members to special positions. 
The Vice President also relinquishes all right to vote while serving as acting President unless a tie-breaking initiative is required. 

D.  The Secretary shall be responsible for minutes of all Board Meetings and the maintenance of the
organization’s membership role, and replying to inquiries about the Traditional Bowhunters of

E.  The Treasurer shall provide an accounting of all finances and bank records.  The President and
Treasurer are the only authorized officials to sign checks.  The President will sign in the
absence of the Treasurer.

F.  Range Captain shall be responsible for setting  the dates and places for 3-D shoots around the state,
in coordination with the Area Representatives.  The Range Captain shall be responsible for              
target placement at the Hill Country shoot. 
TBOT Constitution / Bylaws

G.  Legislative Representative will be responsible for maintaining relations with the Texas Wildlife
Department and reporting all actions within the State Legislature that may have an effect
on bowhunting and all hunting and fishing.

H.  Representatives shall consist of one (1) representative from each designated geographical region.
The representatives shall be elected by popular vote from the membership.  Representatives
should attend regional shoots in their area or assign a TBOT representative to attend.  TBOT
will provide the awards and TBOT merchandise for the shoot.  TBOT will split 50% of the
profits from the entry fees with the hosting club.

I.  Past President will remain on the Council in an advisory position but will have a vote on the
Council.  The term will last until a new President is elected and then will be replaced by the
current outgoing President.

J.  In the event that the President cannot or is unable to complete his or her term of office, the Vice
President will move to the vacated position for the remainder of the term.  The office of the
Vice President will then be filled by appointment of the President with the approval of the Executive Council.

K.  Editor will be responsible for assembling the needed material, overseeing the printing and delivery 
of the quarterly newsletter.  The editor will not have a vote on the EC, but may offer advise               
and input concerning the newsletter.

Article VIII
Removing an Officer and/or Official

A.  An Executive Council  Member of TBOT may bring before the board an initiative to begin
replacement proceedings  against another EC member (s).  Upon receiving the initiative,  a
vote shall be placed before the presiding EC whether or not to initiate progressive actions.  If a
majority vote of two-thirds is passed, a special session shall be called to discuss a vote of No-
Confidence against indicated EC member (s).

B.  A special session, discussing allegations of No-Confidence against a member (s) of the EC shall
require a quorum of two-thirds of the EC membership.

C.  Removal of an official, from their position with TBOT requires a two-thirds majority vote from a
special session of the EC.

Article X
Changes to the Constitution / Bylaws
The Constitution may not be changed, modified and/or amended unless approved by a two-thirds popular vote from the membership of TBOT. 

Article XI
Fund Raising Events
TBOT may hold two (2) annual fundraising events.

Article XII
There will be four (4) Executive meetings held each year.  The EC will have the right to go into a
closed door Executive Session if warranted by the situation.  There will be one (1) annual meeting of the general membership, although the general membership is welcomed and encouraged to attend all meetings of the Executive Council.  Meetings may be held in person, by phone or by TBOT web site chat room.

Article XIII
All finances will be subject to annual audit in the event of the change of Treasurer.

Written receipts must be on file to support All transactions.

The Fiscal year will be from September 1 to August 31.  An August meeting of the incoming and outgoing EC shall be scheduled each year at which time the new EC will take office.

The Secretary and two (2) additional appointed members will tally all ballots returned.

TBOT Mission Statements

A.  To foster, expand, promote and perpetuate the practice of  “Traditional Archery”.

B.  To provide an organization, on a state level, to support and promote diverse “Traditional Archery”
and provide a means of sharing information to allow all traditional archers to work together
towards preserving and perpetuating our chosen sport.

C.  To sponsor functions that allow people of like interests to get together  to compare notes,
equipment and ideas as well as assist the youth in practical applications of Traditional
Archery, be it target shooting or hunting.


Traditional Bowhunters of Texas